USB Diffuser

USB Diffuser

USB Essential Oil Diffuser

USB aroma diffuser usually has simple and modern look and are suitable for multiple occasions. Our ABS/PP(plastic) aroma diffusers not only have a variety of unique shapes, but also can choose your favorite color in black, yellow, gray three colors, and can also add various patterns you like by water transfer technology, such as wood grain finish, the most commonly used and our regular stocked ones, can fit any decor in home. Compared with other materials, many people often choose this plastic aroma diffuser, because its body of ABS material has excellent performance such as wear-resistance, oil resistance and impact resistance, and can also be insulated from electricity, light and portable, also because of its more affordable price, it is the most popular in the middle and low end market.

Why choose Carkin Aroma’s USB Essential Oil Diffuser?

  • Carkin Aroma has been in the aromatherapy industry for 10 years and is BSCI and ISO factory certified. We have advanced manufacturing technology and a perfect quality control system.
  • Carkin Aroma has a mature design team, from chip to mold design, and manufacturing can be done independently. We launch new products every quarter to keep up with the market trend.
  • Carkin Aroma invests a lot of money in new product development and has its own patented products. It makes our cooperative customers more competitive in the market.
  • Carkin Aroma is a manufacturer of aromatherapy products, with 6 production lines, accepting custom-made aromatherapy diffusers of various styles.
  • Carkin Aroma products are tested by a perfect quality system and have a very low failure rate. We provide a 1-year quality warranty service and actively deal with all kinds of after-sales problems.
  • Carkin Aroma has a complete supply chain of the essential oil industry, which can be matched with a scent oil diffuser, and is the wholesaler and supplier of Fragrance Oil.


Yes, we are an integrated manufacturing and export trading company. We have a fragrance diffuser manufacturing factory in Guangdong, China, which mainly produces fragrance diffusers and aromatherapy humidifiers. We support wholesale and customization, and distribute our products to more than 20 countries worldwide.

We are also an essential oil supplier, supplying 100% natural pure essential oils in bulk. We support wholesale and custom blends of various natural fragrances for aromatherapy.

We supply aroma diffusers,beard oils,beard care kits,essential oil sets,individual oils and aromatherapy oil blends,etc.

1)With respect to custom label and custom boxfor essential oil or beard oil we
suggest starting with 200pcs.
2)With respect to putting your logo on aroma diffuser the MQ is 1 pc with extra
tooling feewhile on extra tooling fee for a certain quantity.
3)With respect to custom packaging for aroma diffuserwe do not have a hard and
fast rule for Mo0.Please let us know the order gty first.

For aroma diffuser,the instruction manual,packaging and diffuser are all customizable.For essential oil or beard oil,the bottle, label ,box and ingredients are all customizable.

Usually there are 4 shipping methods:express delivery(i.g.Fedex/DHL/UPS) ,DDP by air,DDP by sea,DDP bytrain.


Sure. You can sample any of our products first.The sampling cost will depend.

Low starting order quantity, accept small order customization. We are happy to implement your ideas. Submit an online message and reply by email within 24 hours.