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Mini portable waterless aroma diffuser with USB charge and built-in lithium battery

*Patent product

H11 waterless aroma diffuserH11 waterless aroma diffuser parameters








  • Mini type
  • Portable, suitable for cars and on the way
  • Built-in lithium battery, rechargeable
  • Type-C USB charger, faster & safer
  • Waterless aromatherapy, enjoy a pure life

Luxury & Elegant Appearance

  1. High-quality eco-friendly aluminum alloy material
  2. Exquisite grind arenaceous feeling

Easy operation2 button control

  1. Press power button 1.5s, turn on
  2. Press the timing button, set working time 1/2/4 hours
  3. Press power button 1.5s, turn off

Fan-shaped atomization

The essential oil is atomized thoroughly, with no residue, no exudation, uniform particles, or rapid diffusion.

Application of waterless portable aroma diffusers

* aroma diffuser for bathroom

* aroma diffuser for bar/office

*aroma diffuser for car

*aroma diffuser for yoga

aroma diffuser for bathroomaroma diffuser for bararoma diffuser for cararoma diffuser for yoga aroma diffuser for outdooraroma diffuser for office