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Carkin’s Natural Beard Oil

Make You Look Sexy Again


Natural Recipe—Harmless

  • Argan oil

  • Jojoba oil

  • Castor oil

  • Sandalwood Oil


  1. Eyebrow

  2. Beard

  3. Chest Hair

  4. Armpit Hair

  5. Umbilical Hair

Carkin herb beard oil

Bearded Men Are Sexier? Yes!

Did you know that there are a lot of competitions about beards across the world every year?! Many people are very proud of their beards, because their beards may be the longest, craziest, most beautiful in the world. By participating in those competitions —no matter it is a big event or a small gathering, they would have a place to show their creativity, their style and meet new friends. And sometimes, they get together for charities–to raise funds for people who need special care.

Do you know those famous competitions of beards across the world? here we go…

Top 10 beard competitions across the world

Carkin man beard growth oil