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Our diffusers are stylish, functional and perfect for air humidification and essential oil aromatherapy.

Our products can be categorized by materials: metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, resin and glass. In term of use scenario, our diffusers can be used for household, office, car and outdoor use.

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What is an oil diffuser ?

Essential oil diffuser also can be called as aromatherapy diffuser, a device disperses the essential oil into the air and fill the room with fragrance.

We can devide the essential oil diffusers into 4 main types due to the different principle of fragrance diffusion, such as nebuliazing diffusers, ultrasonic diffuers, evaporative diffusers, heat diffusers. Some oil diffusers are waterless, which means we do not need to use it with water. For some other diffusers, we usually use it with water, most time it is ultrasonic oil diffuser. We usually recommend to use the oil diffuser with 100% pure natural essential oil.

Different essential oil have different effects, for example, lavender can help you sleep better. Using essential oil diffuser can help you improve you life quality or even can treat some chronic diseases. For some humidifiers, we can add soluble essential oil together with the water, and then it can work as humidifier , oil diffuser and sometimes the night lamp because of the LED light function.

There are different oil diffusers on the market, so when you choose the one for your home oe office you need to think about many different factors, such as capacity, outlook, function, material, power supply way, working time etc.

How do diffusers work?

Have you ever think about this question–how do oil diffusers work? In order to understand how it works, we need to know what is the working principle. So according to the working principle, there are 4 main types for the essential oil diffuers: ultrasonic(ultrasonic vibration)/Heat / Evaporative(wind or fan) / Nebuliser(force or atomization).

So let’s see how each type oil diffusers work. For ultrasonic essential oil diffuser, it dispenses the essential oil into the air through a ultrasonic plate. This small plate,usually made of ceramic, can atomize the essential oil into microscopic particles and dispense it into the air. Ultrasonic function can be used in waterless oil diffuser and also humidifier.

For the heat oil diffuser, it use the candle or flame to melt the essential oil first, and then the oil will be evaporatived into the air when the heat reaching high enough temperature. It is critical to choose the correct essential oil, some essential oil can be evaporated easily, for example the Sandalwood oil.

For evaporative aroma diffuser, the essential oils are dispersed into the air by the wind from a fan. The evaporative diffuser usually holds the oil in an absorbent material like a pad or wick. For the nebuliser oil diffuser, the essential oil is turned into microscopic droplets by combining with the air under pressure. So it can disperse the purest essential oil and the microscopic droplets can seep into every pore.

What's the difference between and humidifier and a diffuser?

We often use humidifiers and essential oil diffusers in our daily lives, but what exactly is the difference between them is probably unclear to most users.

We will find in use it, when we add essential oils in a cotton swab aromatherapy diffuser, at first there is some fragrance out, but when the cotton swab is full of water containing essential oils will be blocked, and even the mist can not come out. This is because the diffusion method is to pass the water through the cotton swab to diffuse the mist into the air, but the diameter of the molecules of essential oils is larger than the diameter of the cotton swab pore will block the cotton swab and thus cause the inability to fog the situation.

However, when we use an essential oil diffuser, this problem does not occur because it works by using ultrasonic waves to atomize the water and the essential oil, which makes the essential oil and the water finer and more easily absorbed. This means better aromatherapy results.

Also if you are in need of more humidity in the air, a humidifier is a better choice, it has no scent but can make the humidity in the air rise significantly, but essential oil diffusers tend to be more suitable for aromatherapy and for getting more scent in the air. It is best not to add other ingredients besides water to the humidifier and to clean it in time to prevent bacteria from growing inside the tank. (Essential oil diffuser also need to clean the tank after use it.) Ultrasonic atomization of essential oil diffusers will be more suitable for yoga, hotel, bedroom and other scenarios, can add an extra sense of sophistication as well as comfort to your life.

Import bulk aroma diffusers from China

China’s industry of small home appliances has been rapidly developing, competing with all other international companies. Home appliances made in China are sold to world-wide countries, and aroma diffuser is part of that. Importing bulk aromatherapy diffusers from China has the following 4 advantages.

1. China has a very large number of diffuser factories and a sophisticated upstream and downstream supply chain. Large-scale production will end up with much lower costs and prices. What’s more, China suppliers provide a wide diversity of scent/aroma diffusers/nebulizers, which are designed for homes, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, hotels and cars.

2. China’s aroma diffusers have beaten other competitors with their world-leading technology, R&D capability and diversity. You can find all kinds of diffusers in China, including ultrasonic USB types, ultrasonic electric types, battery-operated types, diffusers with wick or air pump systems, large scent nebulizers.

3. China has efficient sophisticated diversified international transport systems that deliver cargo to all countries in the world. It is extremely convenient to ship aroma diffusers to North America, Europe and Asia. Small orders can be shipped by Express or Economical air lines, while large orders can be shipped via ocean freight or railway services to reduce shipping costs.

4. We have been working with many large and famous companies, such as Walmart, Amazon and Target. Compliance with the laws of our target markets in terms of product design and production is our priority. We have all the required CE certificates for aroma diffusers. The corresponding test reports can be provided as needed so buyers do not have any issues in custom clearance and selling.

Low starting order quantity, accept small order customization. We are happy to implement your ideas. Submit an online message and reply by email within 24 hours.