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With a design team of 20 people, our engineers are able to realize your ideas and customize the aroma diffusers accordingly


We support direct connection to e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, shopify, Etsy and support labeling, packaging, designing, and shipping to the warehouse. Full service to shorten the distance from factory to consumer

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We support small and medium-sized start-ups, fully support, and grow together with our customers

Aroma Diffuser Factory and Manufacturer

Quality Supplier

Carkin Aroma has been in the aromatherapy industry for 10 years and is BSCI and ISO factory certified. We have advanced manufacturing technology and a reliable quality control system.

Top Design Team

Carkin Aroma has a professional design team, from chip to mold design and manufacturing can be done independently. We launch new products every quarter to keep up with the market trend.

Patented Products

Carkin Aroma invests a lot of money & labor in new product development and has its own patented products. It makes our cooperative customers more competitive in the market.

Support Customization

Carkin Aroma is a manufacturer of aromatherapy products, with 6 production lines, accepting custom-made aromatherapy diffusers of various styles.

Reliable After-sales Service

Carkin Aroma products are tested by a professional quality system and have a meager failure rate. We provide a 2-year quality warranty service and actively deal with any after-sales problems.

Perfect Supply Chain

Carkin Aroma has a complete supply chain of essential oil industry, which can be matched with scent oil diffuser, and is the wholesaler and supplier of Fragrance Oil.

Carkin Aroma is an essential oil diffuser manufacturer, specializing in fragrance atomization products. It is also a supplier of essential oil products, providing pure and natural essential oils, and supporting OEM/ODM services.

We offer scent diffusers in car series, ceramic series, plastic series, resin series, 3D glass series, metal series, and bamboo series with various functions. We focus on developing new products to fulfill the needs of markets and offer wholesale prices aroma diffusers to our partners to gain more market share.

We supply natural plant essential oils at bulk prices with compound essential oil and single essential oil.

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